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september? more like october preparation month

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aeroplaneinthesky said: empty wallet, happy heart right? PLUS I love Ben so you obviously made the right decision :)

yeah who needs to eat?? haha I don’t have any remorse because HE’S GONNA BE SO GOOD 


please do enjoy this breath taking cover

I Wanna Dance With Somebody Cover By Ben Rector

whoever decided that it was okay for me to have my own credit card is freaking nuts but i’m seeing ben rector next month now so who even cares 


Just. Dont ever tell a child that she will change her mind if she says she doesn’t want children. If she says she doesn’t want children, and if you say she will change her mind in the future, not only are you invalidating her opinion but you are also making her feel like her opinion doesn’t matter and that she is a tool to create children regardless of how she feels about it. If you don’t think thats fucked up dont talk to me.

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watch us fly as loud as we can
let her heartbeat change what I am now
-the avett brothers, life

milesoftallevergreens replied to your post:i feel very emotional the avett brothers kill me 

oh gosh I miss them. maybe someday they will come back to seattle….

if i was the praying type i’d pray for you but instead i’ll just hope they come back to visit sometime real soon because that is really important